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The decision of who you trust with your home or office computer system is an important one because it can cost you money, lead to permanent data loss or system damage, lost opportunities, and, if applicable, business failure.
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CyberObjex Help Authoring - Technical Writing

CyberObjex can produce and maintain web-based or desktop help documentation to communicate information to your clients such as: procedures, instructions, full-search manuals, interactive tutorials, training, and more.

We use our help authoring tools to design, create, publish and maintain help files, manuals and documentations. Using our help authoring tools we can reduce the time and efforts needed to produce help files and documentation materials by providing all the necessary features to write and publish help manuals in a single self-contained application.

Our help systems can include a Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, context-sensitive Help, and more. We can develop any arrangement of instructions, definitions, and documentation into a web-based or desktop help format and produce a structured, easy-to-use compilation of topics, graphics, definitions, and hyperlinks regarding your subject matter.

CyberObjex can create and develop projects for you in a variety of cross-browser, cross-platform formats such as: WebHelp, FlashHelp, HTML Help, JavaHelp, and Oracle Help. Plus, we can generate printed documentation in Microsoft® Word or PDF format.

As a technical writing source we can produce various help documentation that can:

  • Provide technical assistance and user guidance for a specific product or product suit
  • Teach the use of a software, hardware or other goods
  • Provide educational course support during training sessions
  • Showcase a product or a service for advertisement purposes

Also, we can create web-based training, interactive simulations, and product demonstrations using curent industry practices to produce on-screen full-featured, SCORM/AICC compliant corporate tutorials, product demonstrations, and e-Learning modules that can demonstrate your software or train your employees.

HTML 5 Help Sample - The History of Kites
e-Learning Sample - The Nine Planets Quiz

Call CyberObjex today at (888) 488-9002 to schedule an appointment. We can interface directly with your processes, engineers, and subject matter experts to generate and create content once, repurpose it in a variety of formats, and publish it to hard-copy print, online, or any other digital medium.

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